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Trading Group is an active member in the Syndicate of Security & Safety Professionals in Lebanon since 2001

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With Integrated Solutions

SRI was established in 1974. SRI belongs to SRII Group of companies. It is committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable fire fighting equipment and services to protect lives and properties. Our customers are assured of the best from design, manufacturing to delivery, installation and service.

Our capabilities in design and manufacturing allow us to customize products to client specifications. Our network of more than 70 distributors in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, the African continent and the USA, assures our customers of fast, efficient delivery of SRI products.

Our team of fire protection engineers, professionals and skilled technicians are well experienced in interpreting specifications and requirements of enforcement authorities. With the understanding of these requirements, our engineers and technicians will support installations as well as provide product training and efficient maintenance to ensure optimum performance of the systems.

With Quality

SRI's full range of fire fighting products are manufactured to international standards such as British standards (BS); European standards (EN); Australian standards (AS); Singapore standards (PSB); Underwriter Laboratories standards (UL); and Malaysian standards (MS).

Our manufacturing facilities are certified to meet ISO9001 by Quality Assurance Services Australian Accreditation scheme and international IQNet.

With Exclusive Agency Products

To complement SRI's own manufactured products, we hold exclusive agency lines to world renowned brands of fire fighting equipment and systems. This makes available to our customers extended specialised equipment to forge a total fire protection system. Our agency line of products include:

Inertec System

CO2 System

Fire Alarm System

Fine Water Spray

Wet Chemical System

Foam System

Passive Fire Protection

Gas Detection System


With Research & Development

Continuous development of products. Research into the latest technological breakthroughs in fire fighting. Study in fire fighting skills. Monitoring developments and trends in the industry. All these and more are part and parcel of the SRI Research and Development arm. It is our firm commitment to foresee the needs and problems in the industry and work towards achieving full solutions to these needs.

SRI foundry manufactures a wide range of cast products. Casting methods include pressure die casting, gravity die casting and sand mould casting. With our modern casting facility such as the electrical induction furnace and many years of foundry works experience, SRI is able to offer high quality product which is accepted world wide. Our production line is equipped with modern CNC machinery such as milling machine center, turning lathe and turret punching. These facilities ensure accuracy and speed of the machining process.

SRI's modern facility allows the company to manufacture high quality hose reels, hoses, fire extinguishers, and cabinets by using advanced computer aided manufacturing methods, a CAD/CAM operated sheet metal machine, automated paintshop for surface pre-treatment and powder painting. With continuous improvement in our manufacturing process we are able to provide quality product at an economical price.

SRI is committed to satisfy its customers by providing quality products. SRI is an ISO 9001 certified company by the internationally recognised Quality Assurance Services Australia. Our quality system ensures every stage of production process is under total control.



Hose Reels Equipment

Wet and Dry Riser Equipment

Hydrant Equipment

Water and Foam Nozzles

Adaptors, Couplings and Caps

Foam Station Equipment

BS EN3 Fire Extinguishers


Flow Control Equipment


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